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Monday, February 28, 2005

Attorney Rosenthal a Major Contributor

Crain's New York Business - Feb. 28, 2005

Attorney Louis Rosenthal, whose bloated fees led to the suspension last week of Brooklyn Surrogate Michael Feinberg, donates heavily to political campaigns.

Mr. Rosenthal's donations oiled the Democratic machine that in 1996 helped elect Mr. Feinberg, who approved $9 million in legal fees for Mr. Rosenthal from 1997 to 2002. Of that, $2 million was ruled excessive by a state commission.

Beneficiaries of Mr. Rosenthal's largesse include the Brooklyn Democrats' political action committee ($2,450); county Assemblyman Clarence Norman, the Democratic Party leader ($1,525); and state Sen. Carl Andrews and Councilwoman Tish James ($1,000 each). Mr. Rosenthal even gave $500 each to candidates who ran against each other for Brooklyn borough president. His largest contribution, $7,500, went to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's 2002 campaign.


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