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Friday, September 06, 1996

Surrogate's Court Primaries (endorsements)

New York Times - Editorial - September 6, 1996

Surrogate's Court Primaries

Next Tuesday's Democratic primary elections for the obscure but powerful post of Surrogate's Court judge in Manhattan and Brooklyn have sparked intense competition and bitter debates over personality and patronage. Voters need to decide which of the candidates have the best mix of integrity, expertise, judicial temperament and administrative skills for a job that entails overseeing wills, estates and adoptions and dispensing millions of dollars in fees to lawyers acting as executors, guardians and estate trustees.


The Brooklyn Surrogate's Court has long put the needs of politicians before those of the public. All four candidates vow to clean up the place. But only State Supreme Court Justice Michael Feinberg has strong credentials. Justice Feinberg had extensive experience as a private lawyer in the Surrogate's Court before becoming a Civil Court judge and Supreme Court justice. He has a clear grasp of the court's problems and could do a better job than his three opponents -- Howard Lasher, who capped his lackluster career in the State Assembly by becoming a lackluster member of the City Council, and two undistinguished Civil Court judges, Lila Gold and Ferne Goldstein.

Justice Feinberg has promised reforms ranging from a panel to screen appointments and recommend changes in how the place is run, down to keeping the office open at lunchtime as a convenience to the public. But his ardent backing by the Democratic county organization, which wants to retain its patronage jobs and fees, is disquieting. With some wariness we endorse Justice Feinberg on the basis of his good record, and trust that he will stay true to his reform pledges.


Blogger truthbtold said...

Make no mistake about it. Norman is supporting Diana Johnson and is doing nothing to help Lawrence Knipel. If Norman was for Knipel, then why put Johnson in the race. Norman could have just had Knipel in against Lopez-Torres, where Lopez would get crushed. With a 45% or so African-American turnout in the race, and Norman backing her, she has a leg up. Meanwhile, the politics as usual folks are working feverishly to get Johnson in.

Lopez-Torres is an affable lady but has been routinely criticized by the appeals courts for bizarre rulings for example... granting custody to the father of a child where the child testified that the father burned cigarettes into her part of her ruling Lopez-Torres said the burn didn't look too bad. The appeals court was so offended that they sent the case back to the lower court with specefic instructions to keep the case away from Lopez-Torres.

She also has been reversed by the appellate courts more than 60% of the time where the state average for reversal is about 22%.

It is one thing to face up against the political machine..and I applaud that, but you can't skimp in a court that deals with widows and orphans. You need the best qualified. Look at Knipel's superb record as being the go-to guy when administrative judges have problems in the court, they give it to Knipel to reform. Don't let the fact that his wife is a district leader (by the way, a reform district leader who defeated the Mel Miller party regulars about 13 years ago) held against his unblemished accomplishments that even his opponents agree to. In fact, Knipel got 40% of the vote in a recent CBID (reform/against the machine club) meeting where even Lopez-Torres supporters admit he is a great judge.

6:36 PM  
Blogger truthbtold said...

And another thing..Norman and the machine are supporting John Sampson for District Attorney...everybody knows it although there is no official endoresement since that would be the kiss of death since Norman is facing criminal charges...he is doing the same thing with Johnson.

6:39 PM  
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